Sunday, January 4, 2009

For Starters

My first post! It's taken me a while to join the blogging community. I was quick to join myspace and facebook back when they started, but the blogworld has always been a vast, uncharted landscape for me. It seems like a good outlet so I'm going to give it a go.

This is an introductory post so I'll share a little something. I'm a musician from Michigan who has spent the last three months playing guitar every night in different locations around the world. The Stevie Ray Vaughan Custom Strat is the most comfortable guitar I've ever played.

I've chosen the word 'sparks' as the title to my blog for a bunch of reasons. It's such an electric word! I believe that a lot of things in life come from a spark. Love, creativity, friendship. A small spark can ignite and create the largest of things. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you around as I find my place in the blog world.


  1. Oh!
    I just realized who you are.
    'Bout time you started a blog.
    Looking forward to seeing you.

  2. Woweeee! I see Letitia from Australia has already found you.

    How exciting! You are full of surprises. I think this blog is a great idea, because you have such a broad range of experiences to spark posts and interest from around the world. I'm gonna put this blog on my sidebar now. That ok?

  3. Peter!! (in my Folger's voice, of course! :) )

    I heard you're still traveling this winter? Landing anywhere near Tampa?

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will find to write about.

    That guitar is a cool thing...

  5. petah! i'm just finding your blog now! i'm so in and out of the blogworld, doh! so nice to see you started one, it suits you so well. i'm gonna add you to my blog sidebar now too!
    miss you so much, and lots of love from the NYC. <3

  6. Peter,

    I'm a writer on Wordpress, who found synchronicity first. I saw Meridian listed as a fav there, and emailed with questions about it. That brought me to Meridian, and I've recently purchased your album.

    I'm particularly fond of Winter Clothes, and plan an essay around it, and perhaps Simon & Garfunkle's Hazy Shade of Winter. I can't promise when, as these things incubate and I have a few things lined up, but when the time comes I'll be sure and let you know. At the very least I can provide some links and some pub - never a bad thing!

    cheers, Linda